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“How can a three-pound mass of jelly that you can hold in your palm imagine angels, contemplate the meaning of infinity, and even question its own place in the cosmos? Especially awe inspiring is the fact that any single brain, including yours, is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless, far-flung stars billions of years ago. These particles drifted for eons and light-years until gravity and change brought them together here, now. These atoms now form a conglomerate- your brain- that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans, it has been said, the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, it the greatest mystery of all.”― V.S. Ramachandran, The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Quest for What Makes Us Human
Having me some Colombian food with kd. (Taken with instagram)
I’m selling some of my old drawings and paintings on storenvy. I’m not sure how the pricing should be so let me know if you think its too high.  hopefully I can get the picture uploader to work (Taken with instagram)
I’m going to be selling some of my old drawings and paintings on storenvy (if i can get the pictures to upload and get it to work). I’m not sure on how to go about the pricing so I’m just putting a price on there but the are negotiable.

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Oh my, where is this. I need to go there.